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Brass Pitbull Studded Walking dog harness
Brass Pitbull Studded Walking dog harness

Dave&Suzi wearing their Herm Sprenger Coupler for walking 2 dogs
Dave&Suzi wearing their Herm Sprenger Coupler for walking 2 dogs

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APBT Beautiful Nappa Padded Hand Made Leather dog collar




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Training American Pit Bull Terriers

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Pit Bull Harness -

Some PitBulls require the

use of a harness. This is strapped onto

the Pit Bull body across the chest and around

the ribcage. There is a ring on which you can

attach the dog’s leash at the top, between

the PitBull shoulder blades. A harness doesn’t

allow you to direct your dog’s body, nor can

you give correction when it is on. Your dog

can pull when he feels like it and if he is a

northern breed, this can be often.

They were bred for

the specific purpose of pulling a sled.

This can cause pulled muscles and tendons in

your arms if your dog decides he’s going

to pull in excess.

A Pit Bull harness is recommended only

for Pit Bull breeds thathave a medical problem

of the neck.


Pit Bull Collar and Pit Bull Leash -

Leash or collar trainings

the best way to fulfill many factions of Pitbull

training, especially in circumstances where the

dog must be very dependable. For example,

certain working dogs, such as police dogs,

rescue dogs or guard dogs, tend to gain from

leash and collar training.

In leash/collar training, different levels of

force can be used, varying from light

modifications with the lead to firmer

corrections. The level of correction used

should be relative to the situation, as too much

correction, or not enough, can prove


In a leash/collar emphasized PitBull-training

program, the dog is first taught a desired

behavior on the leash. Once the dog seems to

understand the command, the leash is then

used to modify incorrect behaviors.

The leash is used as the main form of control

and communication with the dog in this form of




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Wednesday, 01 August 2007


Established June 7, 1998

Pitbull-l is dedicated to discussions related to any pit bull type dog, including American Pit Bull Terriers (APBTs), American Staffordshire Terriers (AmStaffs), Staffordshire Bull Terriers (SBTs) and mixes of these breeds. Pitbull-l is a high-volume, 500-member, email list forum. Subscriptions are free and open to anyone.


The list forum is a great place to meet pit bull people as well as learn about the breed and responsible ownership. Comprised of dog owners from all walks of life, list members share stories, training tips, pictures, anecdotes (anything!) involving these great dogs.

Pitbull-l is a forum where people can ask questions about pit bull dogs. The list facilitates an exchange of knowledge and personal experiences between pit bull fanciers and anyone looking for information.

Pitbull harness for training, Pitbull collar for training, Pitbull muzzle


Dog training supplies are available in your local supermarket and pet shops. Always choose dog training supply items that are humane and look safe, anything that restricts your dogs breathing or movement is not a good option for training.

Dog training supply stores sell everything for anti bark collars to dog appeasing pheromones! There is always something for every dog at one of these stores and many come highly recommended. If you can't find anything in your local store the internet offers a vast range of dog training products and will ship to anywhere.

Dog appeasing pheromones are new on the market, they help your dog relax a little which is great because in today's world there are lots of disturbing noises and smells out there and with a dog's senses a lot more sensitive than ours they need that extra bit of comfort. There are three different ways to use dog appeasing pheromones and your local dog training supply store should have them. The three ways are a dog appeasing pheromones diffuser, which works by plugging it into a socket and letting it scent the room like an air freshener. The natural pheromones released will help soothe your dog especially when it comes to things like fireworks noises. Most dogs hate them and get anxious around them, and the diffuser will help them to stay relaxed. The pheromones also come in a spray which works the same way as the diffuser, the only difference is that you spray the area they will be entering about ten minutes before the enter and the effects should last around one hour to one and a half hours.

Your local dog training supply shop should have a lot of different products for you to try and take home with you, training your dog is serious business and the more help you can get the better. Always take dog training products seriously! They wouldn't be out there if they didn't work.

Before trying out a product always read the instructions thoroughly before hand and do not attempt to use the product if you think it will hurt your dog in any way. Learning is supposed to fun, for both you and your dog. So make it good by purchasing a few good toys along with your dog training supplies!


Dear Pit Bull owner,

As you know, Pit Bulls are extremely beautiful, active and intelligent dogs. They make wonderful companions who undoubtedly will bring many years of joy to you and your family.

It's important to your Pit Bull's development that you learn how to positively channel his energy and intelligence so as to build a healthy bond between you and your Pit Bull.

Having a healthy, happy, well behaved Pit Bull is an extremely rewarding experience. Your Pit Bull will respect you, protect your home and family and provide companionship like no other dog.

A well trained Pit Bull will truly be your best friend.

Unfortunately, the majority of Pit Bulls never have the opportunity to experience the type of training required to bring out their full level of intelligence and take advantage of the positive social skills that are also part of his breeding. The same holds true for the majority of Pitbulll owners...they never get to experience the full level of intelligence their Pit Bull is capable of...and therefore miss out on having a fully rewarding relationship.

You see, the problem lies with the training material that's currently available to pit bull owners, in that it's not specific to the Pit Bull breed. In fact, most of the training material available today is based on techniques meant to train any and all dog breeds.

If you're truly searching for the proper training methods for your Pit Bull, I strongly suggest against material claiming to train any and all dog breeds.


Simply because Pit Bulls are different from other dog breeds. In fact, every dog breed is unique in the sense that they all react and respond to stimuli in different ways. That is what separates each breed from each other and this is what makes a Pit Bull a Pit Bull.

You can't expect a Pit Bull to respond in the same way as an Akita or Doberman Pinscher. Or how about trying to train your Pit Bull using techniques that might work for a 4lb. Yorkie? Probably not the best idea unless you're the one trying to sell the material.

This is why it's so important to train your Pit Bull using techniques specific to the Pit Bull breed.

How do I know so much about Pit Bulls you ask?

We'll, my deeply rooted education of training began while growing up on a farm in the desert Southwest where my parents bred and trained D&S Pit Bulls, Shepherds and Weimaraner puppies. I vividly recall learning early on the importance of teaching training techniques specific to each of these breeds. Outside of the essential training commands such as "sit", "stay", "retrieve", "heal", "down" etc.... our dogs were professionally trained herders, hunters, and protectors at a very early age. It's an amazing thing to see a Pit Bull and a Border Collie working together as a team while happily herding cattle...or to watch a Pit Bull and a German Shepherd work together in an effort to find a hidden decoy. Simply put, These dogs were super inteligent...and you could tell they were very happy knowing how smart they were.

Schutzhund was originally started with the German Shepherd dog in Germany. The object was to  assess the working ability of the German shepherd, the herding dog. Sheep herding was declining so von Stephanitz, whom is the master of the driving force behind the German Shepherd. He originated schutzhund as a sport and to evaluate the working ability of the dog.



Halters aren't pitbull muzzles, they are training tools. You actually correct them with it. Another words, you pull the leash and the nose noose of the halter wraps around their mouth and it closes their pitbull mouth/muzzle and then it releases quickly which can not do with pitbull muzzles. The pitbull muzzle is just a stopping tool. You can't really correct with it. All you can do is put it on and apply physical correction and/or verbal correction. It's harder to teach a dog when to not display a bad behavior since it restricts the mouth all the time, which gives the impression to the dog that they can't do normal things all the time. Or, that they don't understand what they are doing wrong because their mouth is restricted all the time. With the halter, you can show the dog what they are doing wrong and correct them at the time when they are doing undesirable behavior. This teaches them what you desire from them because you are showing them when or when not to do a particular behavior. When properly used, the halter has stopped the most aggressive and biggest dogs. pitbulls harnesses


How to use Pitbull Harness, Pit bull Collars, Pitbull Muzzles

There are many styles of pitbull collars to choose from depending on your pitbull's size and disposition, and your training need. For the majority of pitbulls, a traditional nylon or leather pitbull collar is sufficient. Other pitbull collars for specific situations are described below. This discussion does not include remote training collars.

pitbull Harnesses: Harnesses, which go around the neck and around the shoulders behind the front legs, are recommended for pitbulls who have upper respiratory disease or diseases of the throat or trachea, such as a collapsed trachea. If a pitbull with a collar pulls on the leash, it places pressure on the throat and trachea, causing irritation and coughing. Harnesses relieve that pressure.

Traditional pitbull Collars: Traditional pitbull collars are available in a variety of styles, colors, and widths. They should ride high on your pet's neck, not loose so that it slides down near the top of his shoulder blades. pitbull Collars should be snug with enough room to fit two fingers between your pitbull's neck and his collar. For your pitbull's safety, the collar should not be loose enough to slip over the pet's head. Collars should also not be so tight as to restrict breathing or cause coughing. Check collar size frequently on growing puppies. Use a tape measure to measure your pet's neck, then add on two to three inches.

Choose collar and lead width with hardware that matches your pet's size. Smaller, lightweight choices are for small pitbulls and puppies, and wider, more durable styles are for bigger, stronger pets.

Every collar you own should have a current nametag attached to it at all times.

Halter-type pitbull Collars will give you the best control over your pitbull. They give you control of your pitbull's head and when you have control of the pitbull's head, you have control of the pitbull. There are several brands of these halter-type collars including the Halti collar. These collars look more like a horse's halter, with a band going around the back of the head, and another around the nose. The leash snaps onto the collar under the chin. When you pull on the leash, the pitbull's head will either be pulled down or to the side - this makes it virtually impossible for the pitbull to move ahead or pull you forward.

Some people are hesitant to use the collar since they feel it looks more like a muzzle than a collar. You may have people ask you about the collar, but more often than not, when you are through explaining it, they will ask you where they can get one for their pitbull.

Pronged Collars: Pronged Collars, also called pinch collars, contain blunt prongs that protrude inward from the links. Designed for only the most stubborn pullers, they are temporary training tools used to change behavior on pitbulls that do not respond to any other collar. Halter-type collars give you more control and are much less likely to harm your pitbull.

We have found that owners who know how to correctly train pitbulls rarely need these types of collars. Rather, they learned they were training their pet incorrectly, and were able to successfully train their pitbull using other collars after learning proper methods.

Chain-slip pitbull Collars: Chain-slip collars, also called check chain or 'choke collars,' provide effective training and retraining tools when used correctly and on appropriate pitbulls. These collars are most often used for pitbulls that are strong-willed, pull when on a lead, or those that do not respond to training when wearing traditional collars.

If you plan to use a choke collar on your pitbull, have a trainer show you how to use it correctly. Correct usage involves a quick 'tug-and-release' action (as opposed to a steady pulling) that tells the pet a different behavior is desired. These collars should only be worn during training sessions, never in a crate, and avoided in pets with delicate tracheas, such as Yorkshire Terriers.

For correct sizing, measure your pet's neck and add 2-1/2"- 3". There is a right and wrong way to put a slip collar on a pitbull. To correctly place a collar on a pitbull, the top ring on a properly-looped collar forms a letter P when you stand in front of the pitbull and pull it snug. If it forms the number 9, it is on backward and may not release immediately as designed, which may cause discomfort or gagging.


Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

If you are looking for designer dog collars, dog leashes,dog muzzles, dog harnesses, you have come to the right place. We pride ourselves on being the foremost manufacturer of Leather dog collars, Spiked dog collars, personalized dog collars and nylon dog collars, Leather dog leashes, nylon dog leashes, leather dog muzzles, dog muzzles, leather dog harnesses, spike dog harnesses, pitbull harness for every need and taste. Just look at a few collar styles you can find here:

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Stop your dog from pulling with one of our Doggy Dogg World Dog Harness, we have a wide range of leather pitbull harnesses, from: Leather Y shaped pitbull harness, Leather studded pitbull harness, Staffordshire Bull Terrier pitbull harness, Pitbull dog harness, Rottweiler pitbull harness.

All our leather pitbull harnesses are made from the finest, strongest hides which we source from all over the world, our plain leather pitbull harness are double leather with double stitching for that extra strength. Our decorative chest plates pitbull harnesses, have padding for extra comfort.

We don't only do leather pitbull harnesses and cater for big dogs, we also provide Nylon pitbull harnesses, one of which is an Ezy pitbull harness. These durable Nylon pitbull harnesses are fully adjustable, we have sizes to fit the smallest of dogs to the largest dog, such as Chihuahua's, Westies, Jack Russel's, Yorkshire Terriers, pugs, miniature Dachshund, to Rottweilers, Mastiffs and Great Danes. Ezy pitbull harnesses do not just look great, they also offer safety for your dog in your vehicle with the minimum of fuss by using the detachable, swivelling car restraint, it also offers a durable synthetic material with a padded EVA Rubber chest support, easy to fit and adjust, it has light reflective strands incorporated into the webbing to provide enhanced visibility at night.

Doggy Dogg World also offer a service where you the customer can create your own customised leather pitbull harness, we have a selection of brass fixtures that our saddler will customise to your own taste, These harnesses will be customised to an outstanding standard, the Leather Dog Harness will be fully lined and made of leather which is individually selected from one of the foremost manufacturers and merchants of leather in the United Kingdom. The fittings are of German and British origin, stunningly made from brass so you can be sure that the fittings will remain coloured throughout the items lifespan. If you want that extra distinguished look for your pet, that is unique to you then this would be a superb opportunity to be truly original.

If you are into training your dog, you can build up your dog through training with one of our weight muscle development pitbull harness. This leather weight dog harness is a true work-of-art and a premier product in our "Elite Collection". Designed exclusively for the exacting tastes of our "high-end" customer, yet priced to fit anyones budget! This Leather Dog Weight Harness is made of 2-ply top quality leather attired with pockets for attachable weights for exercising your dog and developing his chest and shoulders.

This Leather Dog Weight Harness is stitched and riveted in the stress points and equipped with nickel plated hardware and 10-12 removable weights approximately 1lb each (450gm) to work out your dog's shoulders, chest and back.
Weighted dog collars and dog harnesses are designed for working breeds to help them to develop stronger chest and neck muscles. They are very desirable for dogs being trained for pulling, protection or for show. Use of these products should be for a dog at least 1.5 years old or older and during outside walks when your dogs moves around.

Introduce this weight pitbull harness very slowly to your dog for approximately 10-15 minutes per day for the first week, gradually increasing time in 5 minute increments every 3 to 5 days.

Dog weights are removable and your dog's exercise training program should start slowly with lower weight and gradually building up in duration of exercise and weight utilized.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to not overload your dog by starting him too young, using too much weight immediately or by making your dog wear a weighted collar or weight harness for too long. It is not recommended to use this item on your dog around the house, while crated, fenced, during hard exercise or during hot weather.


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Hier finden Sie passende Hundehalsbänder für Ihren Hund. Egal ob Sie eine Hundehalsband aus Leder oder Nylon suchen.- der Onlineshop mit einzigartigen Halsbändern und Leinen für den Hund. Hier findet Ihr trendige Halsbänder in allen Grössen mit 1A Qualität und vernünftigen Preisen. Exklusive Halsbänder, Hundehalsband Leder, Hundehalsband Nylon, Herm Sprenger Halsband, Halsband mit Spikes,  Erziehungshalsband Designer Hundehalsband.

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Maulkorb Hund in super Qualität gibt's hier zu günstigen Preisen! Ein Maulkorb aus Draht, leder oder Nylon ist ideal, wenn Ihr Hund aus Sicherheit einen Maulkorb tragen muss Hier finden Sie: Drahtmaulkorb, leder maulkorb, maulkorb hund, maulkorb für hunde,  Maulkorbe für alle Hunderassen, kleiner Hund Maulkörbe, großen Hund Maulkörbe, Polizeihund Maulkörbe, Ausbildung Hund Maulkörbe hundegeschirr, Hundeleine, Hundehalsband und Hundezubehör

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